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An Idea is Born

Things encouraged me to established this particular business is that, that is more than my qualifications, knowledge, skills of Accounting and Tax agent license. They are cares and contributions to people, at my 13 years old my dad run a small sewing business. He was struggle prepared his business paperwork, as a daughter I wanted to help him on this area so he has more time for himself and save his money for his family but as 13 year old girl I could not do much for him, I wish I would know more about accounting. Therefore, I decided to study a Accounting course, I completed my Bachelor of Business in Accounting/Information Systems 2007 and worked for CPA Accounting for 4 years. In 2012 I went back to studied to completed server laws subjects required by Tax Practitioner Boards so that I get Tax Agent license, I was successfully completed those subjects and Tax Practitioner Boards approved and grand Tax Agent license to me. Therefore, I open home office Accountant business helping individuals, friends and family in their businesses accounts, bookkeeping and lodged tax returns. It was run successfully. And I believed, many individuals and businesses out there need my service like my dad back then and like, the government needs more accountant women in Accounting industry. So, I decided to expand the business to commercially with operate it in commercial area and office. In my research the Accounting Services industry are profitable business and continue growth in the future. 

Our First Employee

Predicted in 2020 the company growth and profit after tax $40,000, business will expand and will look for hire addition new Accountant/Bookkeeper.

1,000 Happy Customers

Been being a long services to family business including Harvest Fiend Bakery, Austarc PTY LTD and more.......

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