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Preparation/Lodgement Income Tax Return for individuals and businesses.

Deal with ATO for clients on complex tax issues.

Negotiates with ATO for clients on tax debt accounts.



 Bookkeeping Service

  • Set up and Operate a Computerised Accounting System.
  • Installing computer accounting software and determining default GST codes tailored to a client.
  • Coding transactions, particularly in circumstances where it requires the interpretation or application of a taxation law.
  • Reconciling and data entry
  • Establish and Maintain a Payroll System.
  • Administer Fixed Asset Register.

Accounting Service

  • Prepare and lodge Financial Reports and, Prepare non lodgement Financial Reports.
  • Accountancy principles.

Tax Advises

Tax Investment Advises

Capital gain on short term and long term investments.

Workshops Service

Summary of ‘Employer Obligation Overview’;

Summary of ‘GST Overview;

Summary of Income Tax Deductions Overview.

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